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The Radiological and Diagnostic Imaging Society of São Paulo (SPR) has more than 8,500 associates spread across different states in Brazil and also countries like Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Uruguay.

SPR is one of the main references of knowledge and brings professionals in the field closer together, fostering the development of the category. By associating, the Radiology professional demonstrates to be active and attentive to the issues of his market.

Foreign doctors linked to partner entities may join in the "Correspondent" category, check out more information at the link.

To join, click on the button available on this page and fill in all the registration data requested on the form.

Residents, interns and juniors must attach a photo and a statement of their current professional status. Doctors in activity will need to include the updated professional curriculum and must prove connection with the Diagnostic Imaging area for at least three years.

Check below the available categories and the values to join:

Association values

Correspondent SPR MemberCorrespondent SPR Member

Foreign professional, linked to a Partner Society, who holds a specialist degree in Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging;

Association Fees
Registration (Fixed fee): R$ 484,00
Annuity 2022: R$ 968,00
Total: R$ 1.452,00
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Resident Correspondent SPR MemberResident Correspondent SPR Member

Resident Physician (R1, R2, R3, R4, and R5) or foreign trainee, linked to a partner Society.

Association Fees
Registration (Fixed fee): R$ 242,00
Annuity 2022: R$ 484,00
Total: R$ 726,00

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* Fixed amount for new memberships and charged only once. In the case of reactivations, the amount will not be charged.

Attention: The association will be validated within 5 (five) business days after filling out the form and sending all the requested documents. Wait for the receipt of SPR communications in your email.